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JALA Bonds Closer with Shrimp Farmers through ShrimpHub WhatsApp Groups

5 October 2022
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JALA strengthens its relationship with the shrimp farm community! Using WhatsApp messaging platform, shrimp farmers who are part of ShrimpHub by JALA can join groups based on their region. This way, they can easily share cultivation information and learn the latest tips from cultivation experts.

Currently, there are Whatsapp groups for shrimp farmers in Purworejo and Banyuwangi. Shrimp farmers may join the group after registering themselves as a ShrimpHub member. These communities can also be accessed by farmers who haven’t joined ShrimpHub.

These two groups host regular activities to equip shrimp farmers better. The “Kamis Bersama Jalina” session held biweekly on Thursdays will educate farmers about shrimp cultivation. The topics include cultivation tips and tricks, feed management, disease mitigation, and more. Kamis Bersama Jalina will be hosted by different speakers, so farmers can enrich their knowledge with different perspectives.

Another benefit of joining the WhatsApp groups is getting weekly shrimp price updates on Monday. These updates are given to help group members be aware of the current price trends in their respective region and make the most informed decisions for their harvest.

Grow with ShrimpHub

Let’s grow together with ShrimpHub, a community by JALA for shrimp farmers to conduct regular discussions in a comfortable and well-facilitated venue. By joining ShrimpHub and the regional WhatsApp groups, JALA hopes that farmers can gain new cultivation insights and build a harmonious relationship with one another. The insights can also be implemented in daily cultivation processes to maximize productivity.

Are you a shrimp farmer or part of the shrimp industry? Register yourself at ShrimpHub or contact us at 0813-2551-4194 for more information!

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