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“Shrimp Farmers Coffee Time” Gathering Event

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
4 October 2022

Last Thursday afternoon, on March 10 2022, JALA held a “Shrimp Farmers Coffee Time” Gathering Event. This gathering was held in ShrimpHub Banyuwangi and welcomed shrimp farmers from Karangrejo, Kramat, Sobo, and surrounding areas. This activity was held in a more relaxed manner, while still ensuring that existing health protocols were complied.

Coffee Time with Farmers

During this coffee time, the farmers shared their experiences and discussed their shrimp cultivation activities. JALA also provided some fun activities to make the event more exciting and strengthen the bond among attendees. This event was positively received by farmers, as seen from their excitement in sharing their experiences.

Shrimp Farmers Coffee Time aims to introduce ShrimpHub, make farmers more familiar with its routines, and build a positive relationship among the members. Most discussions focused on guyub (gathering) and sinau (learning). Guyub helps farmers to bond with other parties, from fellow farmers to shrimp industry players. Sinau encourages farmers to share their knowledge about shrimp cultivation, such as cultivation tips, shrimp disease identification, and so on.

Guyub dan Sinau in ShrimpHub

ShrimpHub provides a facility for farmers to learn and discuss with one another. If you are a shrimp farmer in Banyuwangi, come visit ShrimpHub at Ruko Mendut Regency No. 8, Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto, Mojopanggung, Giri, Banyuwangi from 08:00 – 17:00 WIB. Let’s gather at ShrimpHub!

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