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Simple Water Filter Innovation for Sterilization by Farmers in Cilacap

Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
20 January 2023
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Reservoir is one of the important facilities for shrimp farming to supply good quality water. Water for cultivation can be obtained from boreholes or from the sea. Reservoir serves to process the water before it goes to the ponds to reduce the risks from predators, toxic chemicals, and excessive organic materials.

Unfortunately, based on the water quality checking results in Bunton, Cilacap, the water resources contain high organic and inorganic materials, one of which is the iron levels (Fe). Saryo Bugel, a shrimp farmer in Bunton, Cilacap, created a simple water filter innovation. His idea came from the need to resolve high iron levels (Fe) in water that he used for his shrimp farm. Overly high iron levels (Fe) can be toxic for shrimps. The maximum standard of iron levels for cultivation is 0,1 mg/L. If left untreated, it can hinder shrimps’ growth, disruption in molting, and makes shrimps susceptible to disease.

Simple innovation, extraordinary benefits

The simple water filter created by Saryo Bugel uses a 200-liter drum with a vertically stacked filter substrate. Four substrate materials are used as filter layers, namely coconut fiber, charcoal, zeolite stone, and silica sand. The material selection is based on the characterization and ability in water filtration. These materials are stacked orderly inside a large 200-liter drum. There are 2 models of simple filters that were tried, such as the water outlet above and below.

Alat dan bahan pembuatan filter air.jpg Based on water quality lab testing results, this simple filter can reduce Fe level up to 63%. After the filter installment, farmers feel more assured to use well water especially after seeing the lab testing result. This simple filter can reduce Fe level and is very effective to filter the particles from the biggest to the smallest ones from the well.

The maintenance of this tool is quite easy. Farmer needs to do regular control once every 2 weeks. Dirt that accumulates can cause water blooming so water cannot be filtered perfectly. For better results, cleaning can be done once a week.

Extensive benefits for farmers

Since 2022, Saryo has joined Tebar by JALA, a shrimp farming assistance program from JALA. Considering the benefit potential from this innovation, JALA team attempted to disseminate it. There are many farmers who are registered in Tebar by JALA program and have not used a water tank as an initial treatment of well water before it goes to the ponds. This simple tool can be used as a mechanic filter tool for farmers who do not have any water tank.

Demo.jpg Through Tebar by JALA program, the demonstration of this simple water filter creation was delivered to farmers. This activity was held in Saryo Bugel’s farm which is located in Bunton Village, Adipala Subdistrict, Cilacap Regency. The demo of simple filter creation is expected to be the solution for the water quality issue. Besides, it is expected to encourage farmers to always innovate and raise their cultivating spirits in this current condition.

A glimpse of Tebar by JALA program

Tebar by JALA is a program conducted by JALA to help shrimp farmers increase their productivity and profit through farmer community development. One of the activities of Tebar by JALA is Guyub, a discussion regarding cultivation techniques that involves JALA team and is attended by farmers. It aims to help resolving shrimp farm issues through a discussion among the shrimp farmers community.

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