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The First Ever SHRIMPS TALK: A Closer Look at Shrimp Cultivation

14 October 2022

JALA is dedicated to strengthening its footing as an end-to-end digital solution for shrimp cultivation management by sharing cultivation insights for the whole shrimp industry. For this event, JALA collaborated with Forum Informasi Budidaya Udang in having the first ever SHRIMPS TALK on Thursday, September 29 2022, with the theme “A Closer Look at Shrimp Cultivation”.

This webinar was attended by 113 shrimp farmers. 2 shrimp cultivation experts were invited as guest speakers: Dr. Ir. Agung Setiarto,.MSc and Ibnu Sahidhir S.Pi, M.Sc. After a welcoming speech from Mr Rohman, the founder of Forum Informasi Budidaya (FIB) community, Dr. Ir. Agung Setiarto,.MSc started his session in this webinar, “The Use of Minerals in Shrimp Cultivation”.


During his presentation, Dr. Ir. Agung explained that minerals are inorganic materials that shrimp need for their metabolism. A lack of minerals can cause several implications in shrimp, such as the soft shell syndrome, which is observed in shrimp which lack calcium (Ca). Minerals can be absorbed by shrimp from feed or water. Mineral administration through feed is more effective, as pond water contains various other substances that can bind to minerals and hinder absorption.

For the second presentation, Ibnu shared about “The Role of Natural Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria in Shrimp Cultivation”. The symbiotic culture of natural yeast and lactic acid bacteria is also known as SCOBY. SCOBY offers various benefits for shrimp farms, such as improving mineral bioavailability and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Ibnu also shared his previous research, which shows that SCOBY increases SR, decreases FCR, and prevents diseases in shrimp.

Both materials were well received by the attendees. During the Q & A session that followed, many shrimp farmers submitted their questions on using minerals and SCOBY to increase their shrimp farm productivity. Due to the attendees’ enthusiasm, the amount of questions given to the speakers was increased, even nearing the end of the webinar.

With such positive feedback from this first SHRIMPS TALK, JALA is hopeful to host more events and share even more insights to equip shrimp farmers with better cultivation knowledge and skills. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @jalaindonesia so you don’t miss any updates on our upcoming activities. See you on the next SHRIMPS TALK!

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