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10 Latest JALA App Features for Shrimp Cultivation in 2024

26 January 2024
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The shrimp cultivation business can be a profitable investment in the long run. Moreover, Indonesia has a huge potential to be a top shrimp producing country due to its vast land availability and favorable geographical conditions. If you are one of those who are interested in starting a shrimp farm business this year, make sure you have prepared sufficient cost, land, manpower, as well as the right supplier.

As a technology solution for shrimp cultivation management, JALA App is #HeretoHelp experienced and new farmers to cultivate more conveniently and efficiently. With a range of features, JALA App helps farmers record, monitor, and understand their farm conditions to make the best decisions throughout their cultivation journey. To support your shrimp cultivation in 2024, meet the 10 latest JALA App features that are ready to help you!

Feed Recording Feature

record shrimp feed Feed takes up the largest expense in shrimp cultivation. Proper feed management ensures that cultivation can run efficiently and shrimp can grow well. With the feed recording feature on JALA App, you can record the amount of feed in kilograms given in each pond according to the date and time of feeding, so that every feed usage can be monitored effectively. Be sure to record regularly to analyze the progress clearly.

Estimation Feature

Fitur Estimasi - EN (1).png Throughout the cultivation journey, shrimp farmers sometimes need estimates to predict harvest results and help with planning for the next cultivation. That's why the estimation feature of the JALA App is #HeretoHelp farmers. Get estimates for parameters such as SR, biomass, ABW, ADG, total feed, FCR, and size based on actual cultivation conditions. These estimates are calculated based on data recorded by farmers in the JALA App to provide an overview of the current cultivation productivity. Record data regularly and get the estimates on JALA App web or mobile.

Analytical Graph Feature

Fitur Grafik Analisis - EN.png The various cultivation parameters that have been recorded on JALA App can be easily compared through the Analytical Graph feature. This feature is available in both the web and mobile versions of the JALA App. You can choose the parameters you want to analyze from one or multiple ponds at once, such as the relationship between total Vibrio and total bacteria to the amount of organic matter.

Data-based graphs become the basis for evaluating your cultivation. Make the most of this feature by regularly recording various cultivation parameters.

Cost Per Pond Monitoring Feature

biaya-per-kolam-2-en.png Cultivation cost is an important aspect for farmers to monitor. Cost per pond serves as an important information in decision making. To accommodate this need, JALA App has the Cost Per Pond Monitoring Feature under the Financial Feature.

JALA App users who use the Financial feature no longer have to calculate their cost per pond manually on Excel. The costs that are available to monitor are:

  • Income from every pond’s harvest
  • Expense from each pond in terms of cultivation inputs such as feed, treatment, administration, and many more
  • Net income for each pond

This feature can be accessed by scrolling to the financial menu and choosing the ‘Report’ feature, then changing the report view to ‘Report Book Display’ and choosing the pond to monitor.

Monitoring & Cultivation Cost Prediction Feature

Moreover, to help farmers in monitoring production costs and feed expenses more easily, JALA has released the Cultivation Cost Monitoring feature on the mobile version of JALA App.

JALA App update Dec 2023

Simply proceed recording their feed price, actual total stocking at the beginning of their cycle, and daily feed data regularly to obtain information on:

  • Feed cost: Estimation of cost required to supply feed according to shrimp needs.
  • Production cost estimates: Estimates of costs for land rent, asset depreciation value, wage, production facilities, and energy.
  • Potential revenue: Revenue which can be achieved every pond/cycle.
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS): The total cost required to produce 1 kg of shrimp.

Moon Phase Feature

Besides managing finances well, shrimp farmers also need to be aware of the influence of the moon phase on shrimp physiology to take appropriate measures in the ponds and avoid mass mortality due to failed molting. To help farmers in obtaining valid information about the moon phase, the JALA App for mobile is equipped with a moon phase feature.

Pixel 7 Pro Mockup.png

The moon phase feature can be accessed in the JALA Mobile App's Home section and includes the current moon phase status on the accessed day, the moon phase status for the next 4 days, as well as when the full moon (full moon) or new moon (dark moon) will occur. In addition, each piece of information is also accompanied by a percentage of light to facilitate the identification of the current moon phase status.

Plankton and Vibrio Composition Graphs

Komposisi plankton - EN.png Plankton populations can affect the quality of pond water. Now, you can monitor the composition of colony-forming parameters such as plankton in the Input Excel feature. Information is presented in graph form based on plankton types, allowing you to compare and measure their composition more easily. Additionally, you can also monitor changes in the dominance of specific plankton and Vibrio bacteria to take appropriate preventive measures.

Read more: Tips on growing the plankton in shrimp farm

Simulation Feature

article-fitur-simulasi-en.png Before starting another cultivation cycle, careful planning is needed so that farmers can reap maximum profit from their hard work. The simulation feature of JALA App helps farmers project cultivation before actually starting it. With this feature, farmers can set cultivation targets, including cultivation duration, target final size, SR, and partial harvest.

The simulations provided by JALA App include estimates of total biomass, feed requirements, harvest time recommendations, as well as estimates of the required capital and projected income.

Chemical Prediction Feature

Monitoring chemical parameters is one of the ways farmers can understand water quality in ponds. However, farmers don't always have easy access to laboratory facilities for testing. JALA App provides the chemical prediction feature for PRO Cycle users which gives predictions for several chemical parameter variables such as ammonia, nitrite, alkalinity, minerals, and more. By reviewing the predictions, farmers can take preventive measures to maintain pond water quality, such as by applying the proper treatments.


Prediction data is displayed based on cumulative data of feed, temperature, DO, salinity, and pH. Make sure to consistently and comprehensively record this data for more accurate predictions!

Shrimp Price

Harvesting is a highly awaited and crucial stage in every cultivation. Not only does harvesting require proper technical execution, but the timing of the harvest also needs to be chosen based on the current shrimp prices in the farming area to enhance profitability.

Fitur Harga Udang - EN.png

The Shrimp Price feature by JALA App serves as an online portal for farmers to view the latest shrimp prices in various regions. Prices are inputted by offtakers, and farmers can directly make contact to plan their harvest. This feature is also accessible for free through the web or mobile version of the JALA App.

Those are the 10 latest features of the JALA App that are #HeretoHelp you achieve a more productive and sustainable cultivation in the new year. Make sure to register at or download the JALA App mobile version on the App Store or Google Play Store for free to experience its benefits. Upgrade your account to PRO Cycle to access the Input Excel, Finance, and Analytical Graph features.

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