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Easily Identify the Current Moon Phase with the Newest Update from JALA App Mobile

19 April 2023

Moon phases affect natural phenomena on the earth, such as tides due to the gravitational effect of the moon and sun as well as the earth’s rotation. In shrimp cultivation, moon phases are known to increase the occurences of mass molting. Vannamei shrimp will more likely experience mass molting at night during the full moon or high tides, during which they become more vulnerable to changes in water quality. Moreover, during the new moon phase, shrimp are more susceptible to infections from vibrio bacteria.

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Knowing the effect of moon phases on shrimp physiology can help in taking preventive measures for molting failure and mitigate mass mortality. Unfortunately, farmers do not always know how and where to find valid information regarding the current moon phase in their area. The process of identifying when the full moon and new moon occurs is also time consuming.

To address this pain point, JALA has released a new feature in JALA App for Mobile, the moon phase feature. This feature helps users obtain valid information on moon phases everyday, as well as when the full or new moon will occur.

Pixel 7 Pro Mockup.png

The moon phase feature can be accessed in the Home page with the following information:


  • Current moon status


  • Moon status for the next 4 days


  • Next full moon date or new moon date

Each day, users can also view the light percentage information to make it easier to identify the current status of the moon phase.

JALA hopes that this new JALA App feature can help farmers be aware of the moon phase and take the best step in their farm. To make use of this feature, register for the JALA App on if you haven’t, or update your JALA App for Mobile on App Store or Google Play Store for free!

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