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Be Flexible in Working with Hybrid Work Culture at JALA

Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
23 February 2023
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Hybrid work is a new and modern work model that prioritizes flexibility in working. This work model is a flexible approach that combines working from the office (WFO) and working from home (WFH). This work model variation lies on the flexibility and the work schedule options.

Hybrid work model is popular notably since COVID-19 hits the world. People are urged to reduce activities outside of their home, yet at the same time businesses must keep running. This condition triggers a shift in preference and work method until now.

Based on a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2021, 73% employees prefer to work remotely and 67% still prefer a collaboration between individuals in working post-pandemic. Quoting from a study from University of Birmingham that conducted a survey to company managers about working with flexibility, 52% managers agree that flexibility in working boosts their concentration, 60% state that it boosts productivity, and 63% state that it can boost their motivation.

JALA implements a hybrid work culture, a combination of working from the office and working from home or anywhere (WFO and WFH/WFA). How’s it going?

Why don’t JALA implement a full remote working policy or WFA?

Based on the implementation attempt and studies from various sources, working full remote inflicts a feeling of not having a bond with colleagues. We pay attention to this issue. As social beings, humans have social needs including meeting their colleagues, so the balancing and flexibility of hybrid work model are implemented in JALA.

hybrid work-communication.jpg JALA’s employees, or what we call Warga JALA, are allowed to choose how and where they want to work as well as offer the autonomy to plan their work as long as it supports their productivity and aligns with company regulations. Our employees can bring their work to home or wherever is convenient for them, but our office is still needed for collaborative work or team alignment.

Can’t it be fully remote at all?

It can. We implement full remote working only for certain positions. Full remote working policy is implemented for Warga JALA who work from the field or with high mobility, such as Field Assistant, Technical Operation, Technical Sales, Market Analyst, and Technician.

hybrid work-work from farm.jpg Positions other than those mentioned above tend to combine WFH and WFO to fulfill team coordination and collaboration needs. However, at certain moments, all of Warga JALA gather to attend various engagement events, training, or big meetings.

JALA upholds flexibility and productivity

For JALA, flexibility supports employees’ productivity. Within one period (weekly or monthly), there is always a moment for Warga JALA to gather at the office, while also being given a freedom to finish their work wherever most convenient for them (work from anywhere).

However, hybrid work is prone to the feeling of isolation and loneliness. It indicates the importance to find a method to maintain the bond within the team and collaboration in working. JALA, through the HR team, keeps monitoring. The HR team and managers are responsible for burnout mitigation, conformity to company regulations, and the fulfillment of work-life balance.

We also plan and conduct various events to prevent our remote employees from feeling isolated. The methods used to maintain the communication and relationship among colleagues with hybrid work model is as follows:

  1. Communication tools — every team has their own preferred method and devices to communicate, namely by using WhatsApp, Mattermost, and email
  2. Weekly meeting — every team or division conduct regular coordination meetings to monitor progress or obstacles in working
  3. Weekly work-life integration event — regular exercise (badminton)
  4. Town Hall meeting — hybrid monthly meeting that involves all employees to keep up with the recent growth of the company
  5. Self-development or career events — events that held as a means of self-development or career-related

We ensure that every event held prioritizes the same opportunity for both on-site and remote employees. Other variations of event and method do not include those implemented by each VP/Head/Manager as a form of flexibility in working, adjusting to the needs from teammates or team leaders to coordinate.

Hybrid work model is an attempt to boost Warga JALA’s work-life balance. This model can boost employees’ productivity and engagement in working as well as support the business to operate efficiently.

DSC02267.webp To support hybrid work culture, JALA’s office is also designed to serve a dynamic workplace. Our employees are allowed to work wherever they feel most comfortable at the office. JALA also provides facilities for employees who need heads-down work and rooms that accommodate the collaboration between on-site and remote employees.

So, does it fit your preference? Check the position that suits you the most in! See you in JALA!😉

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