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Keep Track of Your Farm Finances Easily with the Transaction Filter and History Logs Feature from JALA App

23 December 2022
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Do you find it hard to keep track of the financial transactions in your shrimp farm? JALA App has just released new updates to address this issue. You can now filter transactions based on your pond/farm or account. Not only that, you can also see the history logs of your transaction activities.

How to Apply Transaction Filters

  1. Go to the finance feature on JALA App
  2. In the Income/Expense tab, click on the Filter button


  1. There are two types of filters available: account and pond


  1. Choose the transaction type for either some of your ponds or all of them
  2. View the filtered transactions


  1. Click Reset if you want to clear the filters


  1. To close the drop down, click the Filter button again

Besides transaction filters, you can also monitor your transaction activities and changes through the new history logs.

How to View Your History Logs

  1. Go to the finance feature on JALA App
  2. Go to one of the transactions that you have made on JALA App, for example: chemical inventory


  1. View the history on the bottom history2.png

  2. You can view who made the record and when the transaction took place. If there are any changes, you can view them as well
  3. All additional records that you make will appear in the main display

We hope these new updates will make financial monitoring easier for you! Make sure to download the newest version of JALA App web and upgrade your account to Pro Cycle. Secure your cultivation success with proper financial management!

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