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New Feature from JALA App for Mobile: Log In with Your Phone Number

25 May 2023

A new feature has arrived for JALA App for Mobile users. Users can now log in with their phone number. Previously, they could only use their email address.

This new feature allows users to log in in a more secure and convenient way. Now, they no longer have to worry about not remembering their email address or forgetting which active email they used for their JALA account.

Tutorial Login Phone Number - EN.png To use this new feature, users can simply click “Log in with Phone Number or Email” on the login page, then enter their mobile phone number and password that have been registered. Make sure that your number has been verified for an easier log in process.

JALA App for Mobile

JALA App for Mobile helps shrimp farmers manage their farm in one app anytime and anywhere. Farmers can record more than 40 cultivation parameters on the app, learn about current farm conditions, and get forecasts based on actual performance.

Moreover, farmers can record data despite being in remote locations such as farms with poor signal reception, as the data can be synchronized once the signal recovers. Want to learn cultivation tips, recent updates on the shrimp industry, or shrimp diseases and prices? JALA App for Mobile also provides all that information, while also helping farmers consult their cultivation issues with a responsive team.

Now that this new login feature has arrived, JALA hopes farmers can find even more convenience in shrimp farming. Download and register on App Store or Play Store now!

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