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Newest Updates from JALA App: Faster Performance, Loss Mitigation, and Accuracy Improvement

5 January 2024
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One of JALA’s efforts to be #HereToHelp shrimp farmers throughout their cultivation is through JALA App, which assists farmers in managing and understanding the conditions of their farm through regular recording. As this year comes to an end, we are delighted to announce four new updates on JALA App for a more convenient and flexible user experience in monitoring their ponds anytime and anywhere. Here are the latest updates from JALA App:

Faster and Lighter App Performance

The first update is a performance improvement for the mobile version of JALA App. Users can now access JALA App faster without having to wait for the loading process for a long time. Shorter waiting times can be experienced when signing in or reopening the app after force closing. The waiting time is now 2-3 times faster than the previous version.

Easier Mitigation of Cultivation Inefficiency and Financial Loss

In shrimp cultivation, production cost is one of the crucial aspects that farmers should monitor. To help farmers mitigate financial inefficiency and losses in their cultivation, JALA has released the Cultivation Cost Monitoring feature on the mobile version of JALA App.

JALA App update Dec 2023

With this feature, farmers just have to proceed recording their feed price, actual total stocking at the beginning of their cycle, and daily feed data regularly to obtain information on feed cost, production cost estimates, and potential revenue for every pond/cycle. Farmers can also get estimates for their cost of goods sold (COGS), which refers to the total cost required to produce 1 kg of shrimp.

Thus, farmers can always monitor their cost estimation throughout the cultivation. This information can serve as a reference for cultivation productivity and be used to make decisions related to their cultivation.

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To access this feature on the mobile app, swipe right to view the cost monitoring dashboard cards. Details for each pond can be viewed by clicking each card. Details for each pond can also be accessed through the “Graph” menu by clicking on “Cost” to view graphs for the 4 cost parameters.

Better Decision Making with Increased Accuracy for Survival Rate (SR) Prediction

SR is one of the crucial data for farmers in cultivation. JALA App users have been able to see SR predictions in the application.

Recognizing the importance of SR prediction accuracy for farmers, JALA has developed a new formula for SR using the feed ratio, feeding tray, and shrimp mortality method as an addition and optimization for the existing SR prediction method. This new formula has an improved prediction accuracy from 77% to 85%. With this formula, it is hoped that farmers can understand actual conditions in their farm and make more informed decisions. To obtain more accurate prediction values, make sure to regularly record your feeding tray and shrimp mortality data (if any) on JALA App.


The new SR formula can be accessed in both the web and mobile versions of JALA App. For users starting a new cycle, this formula automatically becomes the default for SR predictions. Users with existing cycles can edit and use this new formula from their pond lists and cycle profiles.

Monitor Transaction History More Conveniently

The last update, date-based transaction filtering, allows users to find specific transaction history more conveniently without having to do manual searching. With this update, users can filter transactions from specific dates or within a date range according to their needs. Users no longer need to search transactions one by one manually. Simply input your desired date in the financial income and expense menu on the web version of JALA App.

JALA App update Dec 2023

With the above updates, we hope users can better understand the actual conditions of their ponds and manage their cultivation, including pond finances, more easily. Don’t forget to update your JALA App to enjoy these updates. For those who do not yet have a JALA App account, visit or download it from the Google Play Store and App Store to not miss out on its benefits!

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