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Shrimp Farmers Onboarding by JALA in Cà Mau, Vietnam Received Enthusiastic Response

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
5 October 2022

JALA held an onboarding program for shrimp farmers in Cà Mau, Vietnam as a preparation for its expansion into Southeast Asia. This program consisted of advanced training to shrimp farmers in Cà Mau for four days (May 7-10, 2022), and is the continuation of the Kick-Off Pilot Program which was held in March 2022.

JALA App training for Cà Mau shrimp farmers

During this program, JALA team introduced JALA App to the participants and trained them in using it. Kim Len, a Field Assistant from JALA who is based in Cà Mau, also assisted the participants in using JALA App. The Field Assistant will further be an extension for JALA to establish communication with the farmers.

JALA App Training Session Kim Len, a Field Assistant from JALA, assisted one of the participants in using JALA App.

The JALA App training also aimed to raise their awareness about the importance of recording data and monitoring cultivation parameters. The reason for this is that numerous shrimp farmers in Cà Mau are still unaware of the importance of those two aspects.

Responses from Cà Mau shrimp farmers

The shrimp farmers onboarding program received favorable responses from those who attended. They were interested and eager to learn how JALA App works. The farmers tended to learn quickly and understand the training materials presented by the JALA team. JALA App was thought to be helpful since it displays information about the development of their cultivation.

In addition to the 53 participants from four shrimp farming cooperatives, this program was also attended by shrimp farming stakeholders in Cà Mau. On the first day of the program, representatives from the local Fisheries Agency were also present.

What are the hopes of Cà Mau shrimp farmers?

The use of technology for cultivation is a new thing for shrimp farmers in Cà Mau. They still cultivate in conventional ways, have yet to see the importance of recording data and monitoring cultivation parameters. As a result, it is not unexpected that they were excited and satisfied with JALA’s onboarding program.

The farmers in Cà Mau hope that by participating in this onboarding program, JALA will be able to be immediately involved and assist each farmer’s cooperative. The JALA Apps training also made them wish to explore and access more JALA Apps features.

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