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Never Miss Out on Daily Data Recording with the To Do Feature on JALA App

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
6 March 2023
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Shrimp farming includes various daily activities, such as feeding, measuring water quality, sampling, applying treatment, and so on. These routines result in important data and information that need to be recorded. However, due to the daily hustle in shrimp farming, farmers or technicians often forget to do data recording.

To overcome this issue, JALA App has developed a new feature that serves as a reminder for users so they can stay productive in performing all tasks and will not miss data recording. In addition, this new feature makes it easier for users to identify and manage daily activities in cultivation.

Find the convenience to remember your daily activities and record daily data without fear of missing with the new feature in the mobile version of JALA App: To Do Feature!

Make sure no activity is missed

Beginner farmers may have difficulty managing daily activities due to the limited knowledge of recording. They have not fully comprehended and got used to doing the standards of cultivation daily activities, such as feeding and water quality measurement.

Some of those daily activities are included in the important task list to support cultivation. The To Do Feature provides a daily task checklist to prevent you from missing any cultivation task.

Complete records for accurate decisions and estimation

When farmers forget, unrecorded data eventually piles up and leads to new problems, namely the laziness to record data in the application and the inaccuracy of cultivation prediction and calculation of estimation. These can happen due to the difficulty in identifying unrecorded data.

Meanwhile, recording daily cultivation data is one of the crucial aspects in cultivating. It can be used as the material to monitor recent conditions of cultivation. Cultivation progress will be tracked easily if farmers record the data regularly on JALA App, and it will result in accurate prediction and calculation of estimation.

Why To Do Feature?

To Do feature makes it easier for users to cultivate by:

  • Allowing users to organize daily activities (water quality measurement and data recording)
  • Being a reminder for data recording
  • Providing a more concise input flow
  • Monitoring incomplete data input to ensure that cultivation runs according to the plan
  • Helping to calculate cultivation estimation and prediction to be more accurate

Be more productive every day!

How to use To Do feature

Fitur aktivitas-en
  1. To Do feature can be accessed in JALA App mobile version’s main menu or Homepage
  2. A list of daily cultivation activities is automatically available on To Do feature page when the user has an active cycle in JALA App
  3. Users can record daily activity data (such as feed, water quality, and others) as a sign that the activity has been performed
  4. To make it easy to monitor activity or cultivation data that has not been completed/inputted, the user can see the available activity status
  5. The activity status will automatically switch to green (complete) for every activity data that has been inputted
  6. Meanwhile, the activity status remains grey for every incomplete activity (no data recorded)
  7. Users can add or complete missed activity with the same input method
  8. The display of activity and sub-activity details is adjusted to the actual daily activities in the farm
  9. Users can add other activities that are available in the activity setting menu

Flow usage of To Do feature

  1. Users are required to own a pond and active cycle before using To Do feature
  2. After owning a pond and an active cycle, the information and daily activities of each pond according to the DoC will be automatically available in activity page
  3. Users can complete each activity by choosing and inputting activity data
  4. Every data input will be automatically integrated with the other cultivation features both in the mobile and web versions of JALA App
  5. On the contrary, if the user input cultivation data in another page (e.g. pond detail page), the daily activity page will automatically switch to complete
  6. Users can use the change activity status menu if they want to adjust the activity status because of an error or if they feel that they have not performed the activity although the status says it is complete (green)
  7. Users can add other undisplayed activities in the main activity by choosing the activity setting and choosing any activity that they want to add
  8. There is a ‘search’ function to help users find the desired pond
  9. To Do feature will also automatically adjust its complete status when users input data from the outside of the feature, for example data input through the web version of the app or pond detail in the mobile version

Why should we record daily cultivation data?

Recording daily data will make it easy to track cultivation progress. Farmers do not have to keep recalling cultivation conditions on certain days because everything has been documented neatly. Besides, data recording can help farmers compare cultivation conditions between cycles, ponds, and farms. The recorded data can be a consideration to make decisions for better cultivation.

With the To Do feature, users do not have to worry about forgetting to record daily cultivation data. Go ahead to the App Store or Google Play Store to download JALA App so you can enjoy its benefits. If you already have the app on your smartphone, don’t forget to update it and start enjoying this new feature!

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