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Production Manager - Downstream
Job Descriptions
JALA is looking for a Production Manager to coordinate the end-to-end production process, carry out efficiency in every aspect of production, and manage all labor activities in the production process. The candidate must have at least 3 years of working experience in the post-production of fishery products.
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Coordinate the end-to-end production process, including controlling the process flow starting from purchasing RM, providing other supporting materials to the distribution process out of CS so that a product is obtained that is maintained in quality, quantity and efficient production time in accordance with the planning (timeline)
  • Carry out efficiency in every aspect of production, including budget planning and budget control for the production department
  • Manage all labor activities in the production process, including maintenance of work equipment and coordination of daily tasks of production staff, and conducting regular production reports to relevant superiors
  • Set production targets based on sales needs and ensure targets are achieved both in quality and quantity
  • Formulate strategies and policies related to achieving work targets for the production department
  • Identify assessment aspects and hazard impacts in the tooling selection process and other collaborations related to the production department
  • Take important decisions related to production activities
  • Maintain effective cooperative relationships with other departments and other companies collaborating under the production department
Skills & Capabilities
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the post-production of fishery products
  • Have good and smooth communication skills
  • Have a leadership spirit
  • Able to work both individually and in teams
  • Good analytical thinking and strong problem solving skills
  • Familiar with Google Spreadsheet or Ms Excel
Recruitment Stages
  1. Initial Interview
  2. User Interview
Health Insurance
Mandatory support that we provide through BPJS Kesehatan and additional private insurance (only for permanent employees).
Employment Benefits
Accommodating employment security through the BPJSTK program.
Annual Bonus Scheme
Applies to all staff with a value of up to 10% of salary (*T&C applies).
Hybrid Work System
Flexible start and end working hours according to your responsibilities.
Employee Development
Encouraging every Warga JALA to continue developing by providing interesting classes and discussions in various fields.
Fun Events
Monthly agenda to maintain the mood and comfort of Warga JALA.
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About JALA
JALA is a technology company in the aquaculture industry that develops solutions to increase aquaculture production, profitability, and sustainability. The products and services produced by JALA are implemented in the entire cultivation process to the industrial supply chain. JALA provides end-to-end solutions, starting from the planning phase, access to capital, cultivation operations, handling harvests, opening market access, and ensuring the entire process prioritizes sustainability.
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