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Tax Accountant
Yogyakarta (Hybrid)
Job Descriptions
JALA is looking for a Tax Accountant with excellent skills in tax matters management. You will be responsible to prepare paperwork for tax payments and returns as well as involved in reviewing tax-related systems.
Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Management of Direct (such as Corporate Income Tax) and all Indirect (such as FBT, Payroll, GST) tax matters for the company
  2. Preparing paperwork for tax payments and returns
  3. Recommending tax strategies that align with business goals
  4. Preparation and lodgment of tax returns
  5. Reviewing, updating and improving tax-related systems
Skills & Capabilities
  1. Minimum 2 years experience as a tax accountant or similar role, but fresh graduates are welcome to apply!
  2. Having certification of Brevet A and B
  3. Excellent knowledge in Tax Regulation and Procedures, Tax Application, and Tax Calculation
  4. Detail oriented, discipline, responsible, able to work individually or as part of the team
Recruitment Stages

There are four stages of Tax Accountant recruitment:

  • HR Interview
  • Psychological Assessment
  • User Interview
  • Assignment
Health Insurance
Mandatory support that we provide through BPJS Kesehatan and additional private insurance (only for permanent employees).
Employment Benefits
Accommodating employment security through the BPJSTK program.
Annual Bonus Scheme
Applies to all staff with a value of up to 10% of salary (*T&C applies).
Hybrid Work System
Flexible start and end working hours according to your responsibilities.
Employee Development
Encouraging every Warga JALA to continue developing by providing interesting classes and discussions in various fields.
Fun Events
Monthly agenda to maintain the mood and comfort of Warga JALA.
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