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App Basic
App Basic
All-in-one shrimp farm management application
What is the difference between JALA App Basic and Pro?

In JALA App Basic, users can only use recording and monitoring features, Shrimp Prices, Shrimp News, and information on shrimp diseases, while in Pro, users can use various additional premium features to support the cultivation process.

What are the premium features of JALA App Pro?

The premium features of JALA App Pro includes,

  • Excel Input
  • Cultivation Analysis Chart
  • Financial Management consisting of Expenses, Incomes, Assets, and Overview
  • Cultivation Report
  • Financial Report
  • Stock Management
How much does the JALA App Pro subscription cost?

There are 3 options for JALA App Pro subscription fees, including,

  • Monthly of IDR 100,000/month/pond.
  • Annual of IDR 600,000/year/pond.
  • Per cycle of IDR 300,000/cycle/pond.
How to purchase JALA App Pro?

Follow these steps to purchase JALA App Pro access:

  1. Go to app.jala.tech/subscriptions or select Subscription on your JALA App web application Home menu.
  2. Choose one of the subscription options you want.
  3. Select the pond where the features of JALA App Pro will be used.
  4. Billing details will appear, make payment via bank transfer (Mandiri, BNI, BRI, or Permata Bank) or E-wallet (LinkAja) or QRIS.
  5. Done! You can now access the premium features of JALA App Pro.