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Harvesting with JALA
Harvesting with JALA
Shrimp harvesting service with the best deals for farmers
How to harvest with JALA?

Farmers inform the harvest time, tonnage, and size of shrimp to JALA when they are about to harvest. Then, the JALA Harvest team will contact the farmers for the next steps.

How much is the price given when harvesting shrimp at JALA?

The prices given are almost the same as those listed in the Shrimp Price feature in JALA App.

What is the harvest system like?

The supplier from the JALA Harvest team will send a harvesting team to the farmer's place to collect the harvest and make cash payment transactions.

What are the requirements to join as a supplier with the JALA team?

Have a commitment to cooperate exclusively with JALA, have a regular harvest intensity, and have a professional harvest team.

Do I need to set up my own harvest team?

No. Farmers only need to prepare the team to take shrimps from the pond.

How to purchase shrimp at JALA Market?

Purchases can be made through the JALA Market sales team. For purchases in Jabodetabek, please contact +62 812-2675-6110 (Thaariq). For purchases in Joglosemar, please contact +62 822-3751-2248 (Dayu).

What are the advantages of buying shrimp at JALA Market?

Get high-quality shrimp with competitive prices compared to shrimp sold in supermarkets.

When will the payment be transferred after the harvest is finished?

As soon as the harvest is finished.

How is the payment system?

The payment can be done through Down Payment (DP) prior to the harvest or cash as soon as the harvest is finished. The JALA team will transfer the payment directly to the farmer’s bank account.

Is there a minimum tonnage to be harvested?

The minimum tonnage is 500kgs (terms and conditions applied, according to the area).

Where can JALA Harvest do the harvest?

Across Java Island, Lampung, Bangka, Sulawesi, Bali, and West Nusa Tenggara.