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Water quality measurement device for shrimp farming
How much does JALA Baruno cost?

The price of JALA Baruno is IDR 38,888,888 including 11% VAT.

What do you get after buying JALA Baruno?

One unit of JALA Baruno, device storage bag, tool charger, free RFID card for 10 ponds, free access to JALA App Pro for 10 ponds, and device warranty.

How to use JALA Baruno?

Dip the JALA Baruno sensor probe into the pond water and the device will display the measurement results. Measurement results can be sent directly to the JALA App.

How to buy JALA Baruno?

Purchases can be made through JALA’s contact person. After that, the buyer will be directed to the sales team to get further information regarding the purchase mechanism.

What if the device is broken and I want to make a repair?

The device can be sent to the JALA office in Yogyakarta and will be repaired by the JALA hardware team.

Can the probe be replaced if the damage is caused by the user?

Yes, the probe can be replaced, but the warranty does not apply.

What is categorized as damaged by the user?

Baruno is broken and the probe is muddy or dirty.

Who will bear the shipment fee of warranty claims?

The shipment fee of warranty claims will be borne by the customer.

Where can I purchase Baruno spare parts?

Baruno spare parts can be purchased at JALA through the Business Development team or through Tokopedia (Jala Tech).

Can I get the maintenance manual for my product?

Yes, every time you buy 1 unit of Baruno, the user will receive a maintenance manual.

Has Baruno been tested before being shipped to users?

Yes, before Baruno is shipped to users, it has been tested and ensured by quality control.

What is the accuracy of Baruno's measurement results?
  • pH: +/- 0.1 max
  • DO 0: +/-0.1 max
  • Air DO: +/- 0.5 max
  • Salinity 1413uS: +/- 0.2 ppt
  • Salinity 12.8k uS: +/- 0.4 ppt
  • Salinity 80k uS: +/- 1.0 ppt
What is the duration of Baruno's battery capacity?

Baruno’s 2400mAh battery capacity can last up to 3-4 days of normal use after a single charge. However, this battery capacity adjusts to the usage frequency in the field and the number of ponds measured in a single measurement.