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Join JALA SmartFarm
Join JALA SmartFarm
Joint-operation program with partnerships and assistance for shrimp farmers
How to join the JALA SmartFarm Operational Cooperation program?

Follow these steps to join the JALA SmartFarm Operational Cooperation program:

  1. Register by contacting CS JALA at +62 813 2551 4194
  2. The JALA team will conduct the selection and assessment of partner ponds
  3. The JALA team will provide business and cultivation projections to be submitted to partners based on the assessment
  4. After the negotiation process reaches an agreement, the signing of the contract will be carried out between JALA and partners
  5. Cultivation planning began to be implemented
How to assess eligibility to join the JALA Operational Cooperation program?

There will be an assessor team who will come to the farm to assess the farm’s eligibility.

If the land I have is less than 1 hectare, can I group it?

Yes, as long as it is under one legal entity.

Can it be used for anything other than shrimp ponds?

No. Currently JALA SmartFarm Operational Cooperation only opens opportunities to cooperate with shrimp farms.

How is the profit sharing system?

The overview of the profit sharing system will be discussed during the initial interview.

What is the duration of the Operational Cooperation program?

The duration of the Operational Cooperation program is determined based on discussions between the JALA team and farm partners.

What documents are needed for submission?

Legality, financial, cultivation data, operational and other relevant documents.

Is the funding covered by insurance?

Yes, funding is protected by insurance to minimize the risk of failure.

Under what conditions can insurance be disbursed?

The insurance can be disbursed if failure is encountered during the cultivation process.

What form of cultivation technical assistance is carried out?

The technical assistance includes Field Assistant, technology, and SOP.

Do I have to choose a certain brand of feed after joining the Operational Cooperation program?

No, you do not have to.

Will JALA provide all the cultivation operational needs?

Yes, all of the cultivation operational needs (shrimp fry, feed, probiotics, manpower) for farm partners will be prepared by JALA.